Deschutes County has numerous cat colonies throughout our area of feral cats that continue to reproduce. Left unchecked, this issue will grow worse – it is estimated that there are approximately 10,700 homeless and feral cats living in Deschutes County.


Looking forward to 2020, COCA envisions 60% to 70% of the homeless cats in Central Oregon community will have been sterilized –significantly reducing the number of homeless cats in Deschutes County. The initial effort will begin in Deschutes Co. – with founding agencies of Bend Spay and Neuter Project, Bend Veterinary Clinic, BrightSide Animal Center and the Humane Society of Central Oregon.


Phase I – In 2013 we worked to raise funds, identify and map colonies and get new volunteers.  We were very successful!

Phase II – In 2014 we will begin monthly high volume, high quality sterilization clinics at Bend Spay and Neuter Project on the last Sunday of each month.  These clinics will be targeted to specific areas where cat colonies have been reported by caretakers and where volunteers can work to trap and sterilize at least 80% of the cats in the area in order to effectively stabilize the population.  Community education will also be a focus in 2014, with ongoing training sessions for new volunteers and Town Hall Meetings to provide community members with time to learn about our plans and express concerns about feral cats in our community.

The agencies will work together to:

  1. Create and distribute educational outreach materials and brochures explaining the benefits of Trap, Neuter, Release.
  2. Track data and map colony locations.
  3. Recruit and train volunteers in target areas to trap and transport cats to surgery site
  4. Secure volunteer and paid staff, and surgery locations, in order to alter cats throughout the County


  1. Stay Informed. Contact Us to provide your email address to receive regular updates about COCA efforts.
  2. Make sure that your own cats and your neighbors cats are spayed/neutered!  Contact Bend Spay and Neuter if you need assistance at 541-617-1010 or info@bendsnip.org.
  3. Donate to COCA 2020. Contact Us to learn how.